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Economists - Colegio de León

Colegio de Economistas de León

Área de Colegiados MEMBERS ACCESS:
Sunday, February 5, 2023


The services offered by the Association are:

  • Training courses on tax, business, accounting, auditing, finance and management in the company, etc, so to meet the updating and retraining needs of professionals in the economy. We also teach English.
  • The members have at their disposal a number of benefits derived from collaboration agreements that have been signed with several entities and institutions.
  • Free email account with the domain
  • The self-employed workers are put forward to the court by a corresponding legal aid to perform all sorts of legal and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • The Association will forward any job offer to the unemployed members as soon as possible.
  • Library: Members can access the Association library located in our offices to consult any of the books and magazines within.
  • Furthermore, do not forget that the use of the term "economista" is only possible by becoming a member of the Association. You would only be graduated otherwise.